On 14th March 2020, the Makueni RFC Team, together with our colleague from the U.K. office and ambassador for Mindful Smiles visited Machao Children’s Home, an orphanage in the Makueni County in Kenya.

The Makueni RFC Team, a local Rugby Team, was proudly wearing their new rugby kit, sponsored by Mindful Smiles .

Food and groceries were donated to the Children’s Home. The Team prepared a meal they later shared with the children.

Mrs. Katunga and the Team members held motivational talks on topics such as dealing with success and failure and not giving-up in life and spent the day talking to the children. There was also a short lecture on rugby followed by a game.

“It was a great opportunity to be able to help and talk to the children. It was heart-warming to see their beautiful smiles!” Mrs. Katunga described the experience as a day filled with many Mindful Smiles!!

Mrs. Zipporah Kalekye Katunga